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CBT & Repeat CBT


Compulsory Basic Training has been a legal requirement since 1990. Usually a one day training session, consisting of some theory and basic control exercises in a safe training area. Leading on to a minimum 2hr road ride under instruction.

At Zen we aim to create a friendly & relaxed atmosphere to help you learn these skills and enjoy the day’s training. Once the CBT has been completed a DL196 certificate is issued, giving the rider a 2yr Provisional Motorcycle entitlement

(L plates, no passengers, no motorways).

This allows the rider to gain road experience riding a 125cc Motorcycle or Scooter (50cc if 16yrs old).

completing a CBT is also the first lesson in which to continue to the A2 (46bhp restricted licence) or take the Direct Access route (if over 24yrs), pass the Theory and Practical Tests and ride any size/power Motorcycle.


CBT costs £150 (weekday/weekend)

*CBT-Repeat £130 (own bike/Free hire bike)


*CBT-Repeat is only for those who have taken the CBT previously and are renewing entitlement.

To book a CBT please click the link below



If you have any specific requirements or disabilities please phone or email, we’ll be glad to help.

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Do you want to ride a bigger bike?

If you’ve already taken the Cbt and either gained some experience riding on your Provisional entitlement on a 125cc. Or you fancy skipping that and just getting the tests done, you have a few options.


The A2 licence

Available to those 19yrs and above. Once gained you may ride any size Motorcycle with no more than 46.6 BHP. Motorways can be used & passengers carried.

To upgrade to the A licence, practical tests are re-taken after 2yrs or when the rider is 24yrs old (whichever comes first).


DAS (Direct Access Scheme)

For those 24yrs and older who want to achieve a Full category A licence. Once gained there are no restrictions applied to the licence.



Both the A2 and DAS routes require a minimum amount of training after the CBT has been completed then a Motorcycle Theory/Hazard perception test and the Practical Motorcycle tests (Module’s 1 and 2) taken at a local DVSA test centre. 


Zen provides a variety of bikes for the training dependant on your needs, we have bikes that can be restricted for the A2 licence and we also have one lowered for those not so tall or confident.


Students will learn how to handle the bigger machine in our dedicated training area before venturing out onto the roads. Zen is located within 3 miles of the Manchester test centre, allowing students a good opportunity to familiarise with the area.Test routes will not be taught. Nor will a nodding dog ‘pass you test’ approach be taken to your learning and earning a licence.



To enquire about training options and pricing please click the Link below 



With Zen you will pass... And you will have earned your freedom to ride!

A2 & DAS

A2 & DAS
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Do you want to brush up on your skills or build confidence?


at Zen offer an array of pre & post test training! Regardless how long you’ve been riding, there’s always something new to learn. We can all get complacent at times, develop bad habits and often push ourselves too far, leading to near misses or worse, accidents.


some riders lose confidence after a long break from bikes or after an accident. Losing a friend on a bike, which can be devastating, or witnessing an accident can have much the same effect. 

maybe you’ve been riding so many years you feel a bit stagnant or possibly bored, knowing there’s more enjoyment to be had, yet not knowing where to start?


At Zen we offer a unique and individual approach to Advancing your ride. We live & ride in the real world and between us have decades of experience and techniques to teach, inspire and support your passion for bikes.


We do not believe any Motorcycle Training should have as its goal a pass certificate... advancing your skills and perceptions on a Motorcycle will massively increase your enjoyment and control, lessen the risks legally & more important mortally. advanced training will give you a new burst of enthusiasm for your pride & joy.

Whilst on an Advanced lesson, no bibs will be worn (your own hi-viz optional). No patronising talks or hypocrisy about riding habits (its your licence, your life & your lesson - we won’t be risking ours!). Just honest, helpful, genuine advice & tips to keep you loving the ride.


our courses options are available below, all of which can be tailored to your needs, prices start at £90


*Born Again - Getting back on the road after years? Refresh your skills first.


*Three's a crowd - Bring a friend along for more fun and less money!


*Sucking eggs - Already good? Let's see what can be polished or refined.

*Shell shocked - PTSD is often encountered after road traffic accidents. This can seriously effect riders confidence and replace the fun with anxiety. This course could help get you back in control. On road and classroom training, including psychotherapy or hypnotherapy sessions (can be organised if required).


*Lights, camera, action - Struggling with pressure to perform on test? Zen can give you a fresh approach to tests and tips to control those nerves.


*The Matrix - Lesson on commuting, filtering & city traffic. Make that commute less of a nightmare.


*Heartbeat - Riding country lanes. Positioning, overtaking, reading the road & planning ahead. Make the most out of your ride and learn some new routes.


*2 cool 4 skool - CBT complete but A2/DAS yet to do? Save £ on courses getting the basics sorted before you book a full course.


*Allo Allo - Got a foreign bike licence? Help getting used to UK rules & roads.


*The Equaliser - Sadly some women & men get put off bikes by misogynistic or bullying instructors. Build skills & confidence with 1-1 positive training & practical advice from friendly, supportive teachers.

click the link to enquire about pricing and availability

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